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Rent your office where the traffic jam starts

SkylinE40 is a brand new office site situated in Aalst alongside the highway E40. The location not only guarantees remarkable accessibility, it also makes the offices perfectly visible from the highway.

G-Label phases the completion of SkylinE40. The first 2 buildings, joint by a central entrance hall, were completed in 2013.

SkylinE40 stands out by its outstanding architecture and elegant style. Architectural quality is equally met inside by its sustainable and ecological implementation, by its high-tech approach and by its flexible partitioning and design.

Now that phase I is 100% occupied, we will start construction of phase II

Double your quality time !

Aalst is an upcoming office location, thanks to its geographical location 20 km west of Brussels. How many days a year are lost in home-work traffic jams ? If you queue daily for 1 hour, you easily loose 25 working days a year, or just the equivalent of the average employee’s holidays ! This reason alone makes it worthwhile to have your offices at SkylinE40, where every day the traffic jam towards Brussels starts.

Central and accessible

SkylinE40 is located alongside the highway E40 Ostend-Brussels, just at exit Aalst.

From Brussels, this is an excellent base towards Flanders and an excellent alternative to Brussels’ total mobility congestion.

Distance and time to … (with normal traffic)


Brussels downtown24 km, 25 min
Groot Bijgaarden18 km, 10 min
Intl. Airport (BRU)35 km, 25 min
Antwerp70 km, 40 min
Ghent30 km, 15 min

SkylinE40 is expanding !

40.000 m² of office space is spread over 5 separate buildings of eye-catching architecture, combining usage flexibility and luxurious comfort. The project was conceived baring in mind ecological and economic standards. Now that SkylinE40 has proven his assets and phase I is 100% occupied, it’s time for phase II. The second phase consists of 1 building of 8.500m² of offices above ground, and 3 underground parking levels.

SkylinE40 is built as ecological, as economically feasible. Where at the time of phase I, the ecological legal requirement for newly built office-buildings was E100, SkylinE40 targeted E60, and achieved E51 ! Today the legal requirement is E60, and phase II is targeting E40. Therefore sustainable and eco-friendly solutions that don’t compromise comfort nor efficiency, are being implemented.

Hundreds of cars will find their lodging in the 3 underground parking levels, enabling a swift and fluent circulation and resulting in a clean and nature-friendly looking site on ground level. An ample bicycle parking, disabled parkings, electrical charging poles, shower facilities complete the parking amenities.

Contemporary offices need to have elegance and style, visilibility, accessibility, eco-friendliness, sustainability, however guaranteeing mobility. They need to be esthetical, light, safe, flexible and efficiently manageable.

SkylinE40 meets all of these requirements, all of your demands !

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